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Divorce lawyer

Ask for divorce can be a very common Act, but it is also a complicated legal process that requires the advice and the representation of a lawyer's right to family with experience in the rules and statutes of the State in which we live.

What is a divorce?

Known legally as dissolution of marriage in many States, divorce is the termination of a marriage by a legal proceeding or in court. Divorces are generally classified as opposition or not. In a contentious divorce, the parties not can to agree on at least one issue, while in a divorce by mutual agreement, the parties are agree to all the terms.

A legal separation, which many States continue to offer, only terminates the right of coexistence, but not the legal status of marriage.

Presentation of divorce

After hiring a lawyer experienced in divorce, the spouse seeking the divorce prepares a petition for divorce and presents it to the Court in the State in which you live. Each State has its own residency requirement for the time that a spouse must live in the State before being eligible to submit a petition for divorce.

Causes of divorce

Each State has its own legal reasons for divorce. The causes are usually classified as fault or no fault. Some States offer both on the ground as available, while other States have eliminated fault divorces.

A divorce no fault requires that one of the spouses has committed a fault, followed by the evidentiary procedures to prove the infringement. Each State defined by statutes grounds may constitute a base so that divorce can be effective in that State. Common motifs include adultery, prolonged imprisonment or cruel treatment or abuse.

In a divorce no fault, any of the parties must prove the other involved in irregularities. A spouse may grant a divorce no fault based solely on the marriage is irretrievably broken or the parties have irreconcilable differences.

In terms of the laws governing divorce vary not only from one State to another, but from one county to another, it is important to find an attorney for divorce with specific experience, Jorge de La Mar has experience in resolving cases of divorce in record time and with 100% satisfactory results.

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